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Hygine products for farms : biosecurity, disinfectant, teat dip products udder hygiene, litter conditioner    Biocet Dry : litter conditionner for pig, poultry, bovine


Udder hygiene : a full range to improve milk quality : disinfectant teat dip, foaming teat dips, teat cleaner, cleaner and disinfectant for milking machines     Dietary supplements for bovine      Bolus for bovines  

Dietary supplements for pigs      

Dietary supplements for poultry       RMH 2 : to eliminate red mites in the poultry farm

Cats and dogs range of products : hygiene, feed additives, diatary products, improve health

AGRIGERM 1510 - Hygiene disinfectant for farms       AGROXYDE II: peracetic acid based disinfectant for farm hygiene and food stuff industries     Agristeryl, disinfectant for poultry farms       Aquaceet PP : breeding water disinfectant for farms     Biocet film : to remove biocet film into the breeding water pipe system

Water disinfectant for bredding farms       foaming cleaner for the hygiene in farms                   Hygiène des Chaix

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