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Stainless steel passivation and decontamination

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  • Removes and passivates rust marks (decontaination).
  • Makes stainless steel shiny.
  • Light smell.
  • Sticks to vertical surfaces. 
  • Can be used on stainless steel : 304 - 304L - 316 - 316L ...
  • Quickly eliminates scale traces.
  • Cleans and makes stainless steel look like new. 
  • Does not contain chlorinated products. 
  • No mechanical action needed. no need to brush : let the product act. 


  • Developed to be used un stainless steel tanks in the food-processing, wine, milk and any other industry. 
  • Can be used for any other application on stainless steel. 
  • Do not use on stainless steel 400 series. 
  • In the wine industry : removes chlorinated product marks.

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