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Multi-Purpose Cleaner Very powerful degreaser Ecological product

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  • MAJOR BIOVERT is formulated starting from carefully selected ingredients for their ecological and ecotoxicological profile. 
  • It is consistent with the GREEN Atom Charter: product enrolling in sustainable development in order to preserve the human and the environment.
  • Its performances are identical to a conventional chemical product.
  • Very poweful degreaser for all surfaces.
  • Leaves no trace rinsing.
  • Very pleasant fragance
  • Inert on rubber, painted metal surfaces and gaskets, in normal conditions of use.
  • Contains a calcium sequestering agent.


  • For the cleaning of all surface in industries, communities, agrifoodstuffs industry:
    • floors, fat of garage, or any type of tile.
    • Machine frame,...
    • Vehicle bodies, engines,...
    • Product for cleaning, stain removing for seating and carpets.
    • Interior fridge,...
    • Changing rooms and showers,...
    • For take of stickers on the bottles in the vineyard.
  • For the cleaning spray of interior and exterior grain processing.  

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