Hygiene for farms


Litter conditioner New generation 3 in 1 product : used for new-born, growing and adults

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  • NEW CONCEPT : water soluble, micro-encapsulated essential oils:
    • Ensure effective and perfect retention over time
    • Release essential oils at the right place at the right time.
  • The smell of menthol and eucalyptus give permanent freshness.
  • Its high content of yucca, essential oils and plant extracts contributes :
    • to increase good sanitary conditions
    • to lower ammonia level
  • Absorbs up to 2 l. of liquid (and greater quantities over a longer period of time).
  • Manufacturing process based on nanotechnology which strongly minimizes the generation and distribution of dust.  
  • Gentle litter conditioner, non-irritating and 100% natural.
  • Without calcium carbonate or phosphates.
  • Helps wounds heal by improving the environment quality.


  • Ideal for use during the birth of animals, litter conditioner for adult  animals and sanitation of buildings during growing.
  • On saddlecloth :
    • Improves comfort. Permanent drying.
  • On loose straw and saw dust:
    • Scatter BIOCET DRY PREMIUM before and after mulching according to the instructions for use. Litter or saw dust will have a better humidity absorption capacity.
  • On floors and duckboards :
    • BIOCET DRY PREMIUM contributes to the floors hygiene : keeping in sheds, milking room, duckboards...

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