Hygiene for farms


Super concentreated Degreaser and Cleaner Suitable for food contact surface

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  • Highly concentrated solution
  • Can be mixed with water in any proportion
  • Makes a thick foam for foam gun applications
  • Removes any soiling, greasy soils, soot, ...
  • Perfect on baked-on fat even if they have not been cleaned for a long time. Excellent on wine scale, tannins, ...
  • Can be used on foodstuff surfaces after rinsing.
  • Stands frost.


  • For the cleaning of :
    • Hoods filters, hoods
    • Fryers
    • Ovens, rotisseries
    • Cookers, smokehouse
    • Grape harvest reception, vat's indoor and outdoor, wall, ...
  • Perfect for salting.
  • For the cleaning of locals after fire, ....

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