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New Generation Chlorine-free Descaler and Cleaner Special white wine

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  • Specifically developed for white wine scale (tartaric acid).
  • Descaling cleaner to be strongly diluted :  very efficient and economical.
  • Dissolves wine scale (white or red). Cleans without leaving trace or streak.
  • Non-foaming: suitable for any use. Change of colour at saturation.
  • Contains no chlorine: does not give a “mould flavour”.
  • Odourless
  • Does not alter stainless steel, cement, ceramic, plastic.
  • Easy to rinse off. Reduces at least by 20% the required rinsing water according to usual rinsing procedures.
  • Efficient with hard and soft water.
  • Complies with out AtomVERT specifications.
  • TERIX 217 can be used on food contact surface (rinse after use)
  • Complies  with  the  European  Union  standards  for  organic  production  (834/2007/EC  and  889/2008/EC).


  • Descales and cleans  stainless steel, epoxy, concrete, cement, wine grapes harvesting equipment and reception equipment (conquets, conveyors, grape crushers, wine presses...) without leaving
    anthocyanins and without adding peroxide.
  • Cleans wine circuit, without fixing flavonoid, anthocyanes and without adding peroxide.
  • Removes stains and improves heat exchanges for coolers, thermolisers, concentrators, thermo-vinification machines, filters, centrifuge equipment, plate exchangers.
  • Cleaning product for very dirty floors in delivery areas, wine making and storage areas.
  • Cleaning product for used bottles...

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