Hygiene for farms

AGRIGERM 1510 - Greenhouses

Powerful disinfectant Special Greenhouses, vegetable and Fruit farms BIOCIDE classified 2-3-4

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  • Very wide spectrum disinfectant : bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal
  • Acts quickly.
  • Efficient in the presence of hard water.
  • Efficient at very low dilutions.
  • Can be used by thermofogging.
AGRIGERM 1510 - Greenhouses


  • Fruit/vegetable farms...
  • Greenhouses, tunnels, irrigated fields...
  • Fridges.
  • Conservation room with controlled atmosphere during vacuum period.
  • Structure disinfection, nets, tarpaulin, tables/floor covers.
  • Harvesting equipment, plates, containers...
  • Fruit harvesting/cutting/calibrating equipment by spraying or soaking.
AGRIGERM 1510 - Greenhouses

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