Hygiene for farms

TERIX NM PLUS - Greenhouses

Very powerful cleaner Special for pipes and drop by drop sytems Very alkaline

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  • Removes organic matters, biofilm and fertilizer residues in pipes
  • Can be used together with our disinfectant Agroxyde II (see protocol): saves times and improves efficiency.
  • Non foaming.
  • Do not contain chlorine : does not alter metal.
  • Does not alter ordinary steel, stainless steel, cement, plastic, ceramic.
  • Easy to rinse.
  • Can be used on foodstuff surfaces after rinsing.
  • Complies  with  the  European  Union  standards  for  organic  production  (834/2007/EC  and  889/2008/EC).
  • More efficient than acid/alcaline cleaning when used together with our TERIX NM PLUS according to our application procedure.
TERIX NM PLUS - Greenhouses


  • Great for pipes and drop by drop system cleaning :
    • Fruit, vegetable farms
    • Greenhouses...
TERIX NM PLUS - Greenhouses

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