Rozwiązania Higiena i Konserwacja instalacji przemysłowych


Hand cleaning and antisepsis Bactericidal and fungicidal

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  • Excellent disinfectant properties : bactericidal and fungicidal.
  • Does not contain quaternary ammonium that are often irritant for skin.
  • Does not contain perfume.
  • Very soft : enables frequent cleanings.
  • Very agreable to use.
  • Good degreasing power.
  • Complies with cleaning of surgical gloves.


  • To be used in food industries, public places, hospitals, veterinary clinics, slaughterhouses, farming industry... in order to guarantee work in perfect hygiene conditions.
  • Can be used as well in pharmaceutical , medical and para-medical activities :
    • Ambulance, nurses...
    • Surgical gloves cleaning
    • Workers in laundries, in clothes sorting units in hospitals/clinics.

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