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Disinfectant for farms - HORTICULTURE - Market gardening - foodstuff industry - Health area USE from 0,27% - Free from formaldehyde BIOCIDE PT 2-3-4

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  • Disinfectant bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal.
  • Disinfectant free from formaldehyde. Virucidal from 1,10%: very economical.
  • Acts quickly.
  • Efficient in the presence of hard water.
  • Efficient at very low dosage.
  • Powerful and tested in dirtiness conditions : efficient in any condition.
  • No habituation of micro-organisms: guaranteed results.
  • Active ingredients notified according to the European Directive for Biocidal Products 528/2012.
  • Complies with the European Union standards for organic production (834/2007/EC and 889/2008/EC).
  • Suitable for food contact surfaces (rinse after use).


  • Disinfection of breedings farms, footbath and wheelbath.
  • For any breeding activity: poultry breeding farms, laying hens, rabbits, pigs, cattle, ovine, horses...
  • Horticultural, market gardening, arboriculture, cultivation (mushrooms,...), greenhouses, tunnels, equipments,...
  • For foodtuff industry: winemaking, milk production, cattle, drink, processing, cold room, equipment and surfaces, container interior, pipes, cutting equipments,...
  • For surfaces disinfection in medical and paramedical area, care homes, community, shared premises.
  • For surfaces disinfection after cleaning: equipments, vehicles, premises,...


  • For surfacee, material, equipments :
    • Dilute in water (cold or warm) and treat by spraying, soaking, brushing or fogging.
    • Concentration may vary from 0,27% to 2,74% according to the goal sought.
    • Disinfection by thermo-fogging (by air), use a concentration from 1,63ml/m3 (bactericidal) to 4,54ml/m3 (fungicidal).
    • Let act at least 5 minutes (bactericidal), 15 minutes (fungicidal) and 30 minutes (virucidal).
  • For a disinfection in farm premises and market gardening: do not rince.
  • Footbaths and wheelbaths: regularly renew the solution of AGRIGERM 1510 N/E75 diluted at 1,34%.
  • Can be used for food contact material. Rinse before food use and control presence of residues with our tests.


  • Transparent liquid, red, foaming. Parfume Eucalyptus for AGRIGERM 1510 E75 / Neutral for AGRIGERM 1510 N75.
  • In accordance with AFNOR norms T72300 (bactericidal in hard water and proteins), 72180 (virucidal), 72281 (disinfection by air), EN 1276 (bactericidal), EN 1650 (fungicidal), EN 14349 (bactericidal), EN 1656 (bactericidal), EN 1657 (levuricidal), EN 14675 (virucidal) and EN 13697 (bactericidal and levuricidal).
  • Active on Avian Influenza H7N1 & H5N1 at 0,14% in 120 mn, at 0,34% in 60 mn and 0.67% in 15 mn, Aujeszky Virus at 0,27%, Newcastle at 0,67%, Gumboro at 0,30%, bovin enterovirus at 1,07%.
  • Also active on Rhodococcus equi at 0,14% in 30 minutes contact time at 10°C.
  • Fungicidal on: Dactylium dendroides, Verticilum fungicola and Trichoderma agressivum at 0,67%.
  • PT 2 - PT 4 : bactericidal at 0.27%, levuricidal at 1.60%.
  • PT 3 - bactericidal at 0,34%, levuricidal at 0,40%, virucidal at 1,07%.


  • Use biocides safely. Always read the label and materiel safety data sheet before use.
  • Dangerous - Respect instructions for use.

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