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Anti-static bodywork shampoo, engine cleaner Ecological product Particularly respectful of the environment

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  • CAR'NET BIOVERT is formulated with rigorously selected components according to their ecological and ecotoxicological profile.
  • It complies with our ATOMVERT specifications : this product is respecting the human being and the environment in the prospective of sustainable development.
  • Its performances are identical to the ones of a classical chemical product.
  • Removes the static film, gives a shiny aspect. Dries without letting traces.
  • Inert on rubbers, painted metallic surfaces and seals under normal using conditions.
  • Degreases perfectly even engines.
  • Contains a limestone sequestration agent and a nice perfume.


  • For trucks, transport vehicles and vehicles bodyworkand engines.
  • Food contact tanks (wine, fruit juice...) : Rinsing it plentifully with water after application.
  • Inside of fridge trucks and foodstuff transport trucks.

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