Rozwiązania Higiena i Konserwacja instalacji przemysłowych


Four actions : Acidifying, cleaning, decontaminating, scaling For breeding farms or horticulture water

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  • Prevents fungus and germ development by reducing water ph.
  • Descales the entire water system.
  • Cleans and removes organic matters.
  • Brings beneficial action on digestion through water acidification.
  • Inhibits algae, fungus and bacteria development inside irrigation canals or foliar watering.
  • AGRI'SAN components are authorized for buildings and breeding installations cleaning by European regulation n° 1804/1999, 19/07/99 on organic production.


  • For drinking water acidification in poultry, pig, rabbit breeding...
  • For breeding water decontamination and cleansing.
  • For pipe and watering material cleaning and scaling : pipettes, drinking troughs...
  • This product is also convenient for the treatment of horticulture and truck farming water, cleaning and scaling of pipes and drip networks, foliar watering systems...

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