Hygiene for farms


Post-milking bi-component Filmogenic teat dip product Conditioner and disinfectant

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  • OXYSHIELD® protects the teat skin after milking by forming a moisturizing and very disinfecting film.
  • OXYSHIELD®'s powerful disinfecting action is the result of reaction between sodium chlorite and lactic acid.
  • OXYSHIELD® contains moisturizing and conditionning agents that ensure best condition to the teat's skin.
  • Germs are killed with seconds, reducing contamination risk through the skin or the teat canal.
  • To be use alternatively with DERMASEPT EXTRA.
  • OXYSHIELD® is ecomical as it does not drop.
  • OXYSHIELD® tighly closes the sphincter thanks to its high quality film.
  • Bactericidal activity according to norm EN1656 and NFT72301

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