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Ecological descaler Phosphate-free - Non-fuming

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  • Powerful and rapid descaler.
  • No fumes
  • Compatible with all metal surfaces (steel, aluminium, stainless, galvanised, cast iron, etc.).
  • Excellent rinsing capacity.
  • More ecological, phosphate-free, no VOC.
  • Non-oxidant, very low metal corrosion levels.
  • Non-aggressive on seals, rubber and plastic.
  • Solubilises patches of scale on all supports without attacking them.
  • Makes surfaces clean and bright rapidly even if they are covered with scale.
  • An excellent stripping compound for aluminium and galvanised steel before painting.
  • Complies with legislation on processes and products used for cleaning food-contact material (rinse after use).


  • Scale removal in industrial washing machines and water circuits, stripping floors before painting, maintenance and stripping for floors in wine storehouses and dairies, cleaning tiling for removing cement laitance, cleaning hospital urinals in baths, cleaning windows in cement works.
  • Stripper for aluminium and galvanised steel ... before painting.
  • Toilets, showers, spas, industry, food-processing, etc.

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