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Solvent for industrial cleaning and degreasing 100% plant origin - No VOC No security labelling

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  • Solvent containing no VOC (volatile organic components) in compliance with the European directive 1999/13/EC on emissions.
  • 100% vegetable, In keeping with sustainable development principles.
  • Operator friendly: No harmful product label
  • Not concerned by decree n° 2002-680 dated April 30th 2002, heading n° 2564.
  • Contains no hydrocarbon chlorides, or fluorocarbon solvents.
  • Wide spectre degreasing solvent: Extremely efficient on heavy organic and mineral dirt (grease, tar, glue, putties, polymers, etc.).
  • Odourless
  • Excellent stability when stored and fluidity when cold.


  • Everywhere where degreasing is impossible using aqueous solutions
  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing solvent.
  • Mechanics degreasing in garages, maintenance and technical services, etc.
  • Can also be used in ultrasonics.
  • Ideal when hot (up to 75°C) and continuously stirred for eliminating blown oil, waxes, polar greases, etc.

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