Hygiene for farms

GREEN Atom : our self-declaration


Under this logo, we identify our formulated products in order to preserve the human and the environment.


Products of our GreenChoice range which have this logo are subject to self-declaration.

Used raw materials answer to a strict specifications :

  • Non classified CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic)
  • Non classified T ou T+ (Toxic or Toxic Plus)
  • Non classified R 50, R 50-53 ou R 51-53 (Dangerous for the environment and long lasting effect).
  • Non sensitizes
  • Favorir vegetables origins
  • Without NTA and phosphate
  • Without solvents derived from the ether of the ethylene glycol
  • With less 5% of COV (composés organiques volatils)
  • Without allergen for perfumes
  • For all colouring agents, nutritious
  • Withour limited value of restrictives exposition (VLEP)


Furthermore, the finished product should have a biodegradability calculated according to OCDE 301F.

All products

GREENatom self declaration sustainable development green products GREENatom self declaration sustainable development green products


Ecological multi-surface&toilet descaling cleaner

Product informations Download our specification
  • RED FRUIT AMBRACIDE is a concentrated descaling cleanser made from vegetable biomass for use on all types of floors and surfaces.
  • For easy removal of crystals of fur and traces of scaling on all kinds of surfaces, metal included
  • Perfect for all surfaces : Taps, laminates, plastics, tiling, etc.
  • Gives surfaces their original shine without leaving any marks when dry.
  • Very much appreciated in hard-water regions: Leaves no white traces
  • Regular use prevents scale from forming.
  • Optimises the effectiveness of disinfection operations by eliminating fixed film growth, and in this way encourages the use of good hygiene practises in the context of HACCP methods.
  • Complies with legislation on processes and products used for cleaning food-contact material (rinse after use on food contact material).
  • Everywhere where use of a gentle acidic detergent is required:
    • For removing crystals of fur and traces of scale
    • Light mineral stains
    • Plaster laitance, etc.
  • Maintains and renovates many types of surface: tiling, window-panes, china, anodized aluminium, stainless steel, chrome, refrigerator cabinets, counters, sinks, basins, toilets, showers.
  • For use in industry, food-processing, the building trade as well as servicing and maintenance departments.
  • Ideal for floors in community buildings and for the upkeep of toilets.
  • In hotels, for the whole bathroom, ...
  • Fights smells and leaves a very pleasant persistent fragrance.
  • Allergen-free, non-sensitizing scent
  • Neutral pH, does not attack any surfaces
  • Dissolves dirt, does not require rinsing
  • Leaves no marks when dry
  • Does not foam
  • A new generation of easily biodegradable vegetable origin surfactants
  • Cleanser for all surfaces (floors, tiling) including enamel.
  • Cleans without aggressing surfaces in community buildings, hospitals, industry, offices, toilets, old-people's homes, etc.
  • Replaces bad smells by a light pleasant fragrance


Anti-static bodywork shampoo, engine cleaner
Ecological product
Particularly respectful of the environment

Product informations Download our specification
  • CAR'NET BIOVERT is formulated with rigorously selected components according to their ecological and ecotoxicological profile.
  • It complies with our ATOMVERT specifications : this product is respecting the human being and the environment in the prospective of sustainable development.
  • Its performances are identical to the ones of a classical chemical product.
  • Removes the static film, gives a shiny aspect. Dries without letting traces.
  • Inert on rubbers, painted metallic surfaces and seals under normal using conditions.
  • Degreases perfectly even engines.
  • Contains a limestone sequestration agent and a nice perfume.
  • For trucks, transport vehicles and vehicles bodyworkand engines.
  • Food contact tanks (wine, fruit juice...) : Rinsing it plentifully with water after application.
  • Inside of fridge trucks and foodstuff transport trucks.


Super vegetable-based liquid tar remover
Man and environmental friendly

Product informations Download our specification
  • Powerful tar remover
  • Made on vegetable biomass base, it forms an ecological alternative.
  • Not classified as a toxin: Man-friendly
  • High flash point
  • As efficient as oil-solvent based products.
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used in transport as a salting-out agent
  • Contains no emulsifiers and its phases separate in oil separators
  • For removing tar on vehicle bodies, etc.
  • For cleaning all parts and equipment soiled by asphalt.
  • For haulage companies, vehicle renovators, industry, road works...


multi-purpose foaming acid cleaner

Product informations Download our specification
  • Multi-purpose : derusting, anti-corrosive treatment, phosphating, descaling,
  • degreasing.
  • Removes scale deposit, mould, soap film and stains.
  • Safe, quick and easy to use.
  • Only one operation for complete rust treatment.
  • Excellent base for painting
  • Very cost effective as it can be highly diluted in water.
  • For the treatment of all oxidized metallic surfaces.
  • Deoxidizing - passivation in only one operation of metallic pieces, tubes, sheets, tools, machines.
  • Passivation for stock of all steel pieces, passivation after sand blasting.
  • Rust removal at milk tank in tiled floors dairies.
  • Rust or safe metal treatment before painting in mechanical engineering.
  • Removal of borax traces during solders, diluted at 28% in water.
  • Canalizations and pipings descaling ; croqueries surfaces or enamelled sheet descaling.
  • Do not treat limestone : marbles and galvanised, silvered, or damped metals.
  • In agribusiness for material and stainless steel surfaces renovation.


Liquid detergent descaler scourer
For food-processing industry

Product informations Download our specification


Post milking filmogenic teat dip product
Disinfectant and powerful conditioner
Teat dip

Product informations Download our specification
  • The protection formed by DERMASEPT® SOFT is extremely moisturizing and is disinfectant.
  • DERMASEPT® SOFT forms a visible protection until the next milking without staining.
  • DERMASEPT® SOFT has a consistent viscosity at all temperatures.
  • Can be used every day all year long, especially during very warm periods and when the teat's skin is very damaged and needs to be restructured.
  • No drop.
  • DERMASEPT® SOFT forms a visible protection until the next milking without staining.


Ecological descaler
Phosphate-free - Non-fuming

Product informations Download our specification
  • Powerful and rapid descaler.
  • No fumes
  • Compatible with all metal surfaces (steel, aluminium, stainless, galvanised, cast iron, etc.).
  • Excellent rinsing capacity.
  • More ecological, phosphate-free, no VOC.
  • Non-oxidant, very low metal corrosion levels.
  • Non-aggressive on seals, rubber and plastic.
  • Solubilises patches of scale on all supports without attacking them.
  • Makes surfaces clean and bright rapidly even if they are covered with scale.
  • An excellent stripping compound for aluminium and galvanised steel before painting.
  • Complies with legislation on processes and products used for cleaning food-contact material (rinse after use).
  • Scale removal in industrial washing machines and water circuits, stripping floors before painting, maintenance and stripping for floors in wine storehouses and dairies, cleaning tiling for removing cement laitance, cleaning hospital urinals in baths, cleaning windows in cement works.
  • Stripper for aluminium and galvanised steel ... before painting.
  • Toilets, showers, spas, industry, food-processing, etc.


Ecological absorbent
Special hydrocarbon
To be used with Green Absorb Box.

Product informations Download our specification
  • Very economical : Reusable until saturation and application system avoiding spilling.
  • Absorbs 8 times more than saw dust and traditional granulated.
  • All the absorbed product will stay inside Green Absorb particles.
  • Efficient on all kind of surfaces : paint, resin, concrete...
  • Fireproof. Can be burned with an ash ration inferior to 3%.
  • Drying absorbent for all spills of oil and hydrocarbons. Helps reduce waste and retreatment costs by its high absorption capacity and its low density. Eliminates film of grease liable to make floors slippery.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Very powerful degreaser
Ecological product

Product informations Download our specification
  • MAJOR BIOVERT is formulated starting from carefully selected ingredients for their ecological and ecotoxicological profile. 
  • It is consistent with the GREEN Atom Charter: product enrolling in sustainable development in order to preserve the human and the environment.
  • Its performances are identical to a conventional chemical product.
  • Very poweful degreaser for all surfaces.
  • Leaves no trace rinsing.
  • Very pleasant fragance
  • Inert on rubber, painted metal surfaces and gaskets, in normal conditions of use.
  • Contains a calcium sequestering agent.
  • For the cleaning of all surface in industries, communities, agrifoodstuffs industry:
    • floors, fat of garage, or any type of tile.
    • Machine frame,...
    • Vehicle bodies, engines,...
    • Product for cleaning, stain removing for seating and carpets.
    • Interior fridge,...
    • Changing rooms and showers,...
    • For take of stickers on the bottles in the vineyard.
  • For the cleaning spray of interior and exterior grain processing.  


Very powerfull air-freshener
An ultra-concentrated solution fragance breeze

Product informations Download our specification
  • Very persistent fragrance.
  • Allergen-free, non-sensitizing scent.
  • A new generation of easily biodegradable surfactants.
  • Vegetable origin surfactants.
  • Easy to use: Can be mixed in water in any proportions.
  • Wide range of use: From pure to a 0.20% mix.
  • Ultra-concentrated perfume.
  • Economical: Can be diluted down to 2/1000: 0.2 %.
  • For replacing bad smells by a light pleasant fragrance.
  • Deodorising pedestrian streets, stairways, apartment building halls, inside waste bins, refuse chute rooms.
  • Concentrated air-freshener for degreasing
  • For community buildings, town-halls, schools colleges, hospitals, old people's homes, industry, ...
  • Swimming pools, changing rooms, ...


Powerful deodorant and cleanser
Grease remover, purifier
100 % Plant origine

Product informations Download our specification
  • Extra-powerful deodoriser
  • PINEMUL VERT neutralises foul smells, leaves a pleasant, healthy, fresh and natural fragrance.
  • Based on natural pine oil and coconut diester.
  • In keeping with sustainable development, composition 100 % vegetable.
  • PINEMUL VERT does not cover up bad smells, but destroys them.
  • Can be mixed in water in any proportions
  • Possesses excellent degreasing capacities.
  • Economical
  • Easy to use


  • Rendering plants and slaughter-houses.
  • Public areas, waste-bin storage premises, main drains, sewage works
  • Street self-washers, etc
  • Decanting tanks, grease tanks, waste water, pumping stations
  • Water treatment plants, waste incineration plants
  • All places where fermentation or putrefaction exists
  • Food-processing industries (treating piping, grease tanks, etc.), salted foods, ...


Powerful degreaser and cleaner for heavy duty farm applications. Covers surfaces in a thick layer of sticky foam.

Product informations Download our specification
  • Makes a gel that sticks to vertical surfaces and therefore enables longer contact time.
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • Very strong wetting power.
  • Efficient on vegetable and mineral fat.
  • Foaming and sticky on the vertical surfaces.
  • Can be used on glass, plastic gum and most metals (except copper, aluminium and light alloys).
  • Does not contain chlorine nor potash.
  • Stable in hard water.
  • Tensio-active of natural origin.
  • Great when high degreasing action is needed, eg in farms to clean premises prior to disinfection and during sanitary period.
  • Ideal for use with a foam gun.
  • Use in :
    • farm premises : poultry, pig, cattle, horse, dairy...
    • smoke evacuation pipes
    • generally for all food processing industries...


Solvent for industrial cleaning and degreasing
100% plant origin - No VOC
No security labelling

Product informations Download our specification
  • Solvent containing no VOC (volatile organic components) in compliance with the European directive 1999/13/EC on emissions.
  • 100% vegetable, In keeping with sustainable development principles.
  • Operator friendly: No harmful product label
  • Not concerned by decree n° 2002-680 dated April 30th 2002, heading n° 2564.
  • Contains no hydrocarbon chlorides, or fluorocarbon solvents.
  • Wide spectre degreasing solvent: Extremely efficient on heavy organic and mineral dirt (grease, tar, glue, putties, polymers, etc.).
  • Odourless
  • Excellent stability when stored and fluidity when cold.
  • Everywhere where degreasing is impossible using aqueous solutions
  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing solvent.
  • Mechanics degreasing in garages, maintenance and technical services, etc.
  • Can also be used in ultrasonics.
  • Ideal when hot (up to 75°C) and continuously stirred for eliminating blown oil, waxes, polar greases, etc.


New generation equipment cleaner. Descaler and red stain remover. Chlorine-free.

Product informations Download our specification
  • Descaler and red stain remover from stainless steel and tanks. To be strongly diluted : very efficient and economical.
  • Disolves wine scale (tartaric acid) and removes red stains as well as anthocyanins without caramelization.
  • Non-foaming.
  • Its colour changes when it reaches saturation.
  • Does not contain chlorine and therefore cannot give any bad taste.
  • Does not corrode standard steel, stainless steel, cement, plastic or ceramic.
  • Very easy to rinse. Reduces at least by 20% the required rinsing water.
  • Efficient with hard and soft water..
  • Complies with our atomVERT specifications..
  • TERIX 217 can be used on foodstuff surfaces after rinsing.
  • Complies with the European Union standards for organic production (834/2007/EC and 889/2008/EC).
  • Removes wine scale (tartaric acid) and wine red stains on stainless steel, epoxy, concrete, cement, wine grapes harvesting equipment and reception equipment (conquets, conveyors, grape crushers, wine presses...) without leaving anthocyanins and without adding peroxide.
  • Cleans and removes red stains from wine pipes without leaving anthocyanins and without adding peroxide.
  • Discoloration and improvement thermal exchanges of coolers, thermolyser, concentrators, thermovinificators, filtres, bottling machine, pumps, centrifuge, plate heat exchanger.
  • Scours heavily soiled floors in reception, vinification and storage  premises.
  • Cleans used bottles...


High performance wood cask cleaner
Descaling - Sequestrating
Non-foaming unchlorinated bleacher

Product informations Download our specification
  • Cleaner-Descaler-Bleacher for wood to be diluted in water: very effective and low cost.
  • Scours by sequestering wine scale and removes red stains : multi-purpose.
  • Non-foaming: suitable for any use. Changes colour at saturation.
  • Contains no chlorine: does not give a “mould flavour”.
  • Contains neither caustic soda nor potash: does not damage wood and is easy to rinse off.
  • Does not alter any surface.
  • TERIX 217 can be used on foodstuff surfaces after rinsing.
  • Complies  with  the  European  Union  standards  for  organic  production  (834/2007/EC  and  889/2008/EC).
  • Cleaning-Descaling-Bleaching of boxes and any sort of wood container.
  • Cleaning-Descaling-Bleaching of vat and wood cask.
  • Cleaning-Descaling-Bleaching of barrel: Bordelais barrel, cask...

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