Hygiene for farms


Under this brand, we introduce you our selection of our environment-friendly products.

This range of products allows you to control the impact of your products better on environment and health of the users.

These 4 logos will guide you in your choice for products among our Greenchoice range : GREENatom, Ecolabel,


Type II(1) self-declared range.
A high level of demand regarding raw material choice as well as an answer to your technical constraints.
We certify that all raw materials used to formulate our products comply with the following specifications :

  • Not classified as CMR (cancerogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic)
  • Not classified as T or T+ (Toxic or Toxic Plus)
  • Not labelled R 50, R 50-53 or R 51-53 (Dangerous for the environment and long-term effect).
  • Not sensitising.
  • Prioritising vegetable origin
  • Free from NTA or phosphate
  • Free from glycol ethylene ether derivated solvents.
  • With less than 5% VOC (volatil organic compounds)
  • Allergen-free scents
  • Food colouring agents
  • Without harmful classified substances by inhalation.

Les produits ayant l'Ecolabel Européen des Laboratoires CEETAL

The European Eco-label is the only certification scheme of the European Union aimed to help consumers to distinguish greener and more environmentally friendly products.
Each product must respect very strict and complete specifications. The conformity of validated products follow an audit from the AFNOR.
The attribute label allows to develop products more respectful of the environment and in the meantime guarantee performances less similar to analogous products.
These products are based on 100% vegetable origin raw materials(2).
Protect + This logo shows our products without danger labelling(3)(4)
and no safety sentences. This is a token for the respect of users’ health.



To control your impact better on environment and health of the users, choose products Ecochoice


All you need to go green !

(1) : Environment claimings under the sole responsability of the producer or distributor.
(2) : Except perfumes and scents. Indeed perfumes and scents from natural origin are most of the time either sensitising or not known enough in term of risk.
Perfumes/scents used in the product labelled as VEGEPUR are non-sensitising.
(3) : Products that are naturally exempted from danger labelling according for the norm NF EN ISO 14201 do not bear this logo.
(4) : Safety data sheet (MSDS) and eventual safety sentences must always be read and taken into account before using the products. All MSDS are available on this website here.



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Product nameDescriptionEco-LabelProtect +AtomvertVégépur 
AMBRACIDE RED FRUITSEcological multi-surface&toilet descaling cleaner. noyes no
AMBRAX EUCALYPTUS LEMONMulti-use cleaner & air-freshener noyes no
CAR'NET BIOVERTAnti-static bodywork shampoo, engine cleaner. Ecological product. Particularly respectful of the environment noyes no
DE GOUDRON BIO 1110Super vegetable-based liquid tar remover . Man and environmental friendly . yesyesyes
DECAP Dsolvent emulsifiable with water. Removes graffitis on fragile surfaces. yes no no
DEPAL 9multi-purpose foaming acid cleaner noyes no
DEPAL 9 AGRO Liquid detergent descaler scourer . For food-processing industry noyes no
DERMASEPT SOFTPost milking filmogenic teat dip product . Disinfectant and powerful conditioner . Teat dip noyes no
ECOTAREcological descaler. Phosphate-free - Non-fuming noyes no
GREEN ABSORBEcological absorbent. Special hydrocarbon. To be used with Green Absorb Box.yesyesyes
MAJOR BIOVERT Multi-Purpose Cleaner . Very powerful degreaser . Ecological product noyes no
MAJOR SC 100Bactericidal and levuricidal disinfectant . Multisurfaces Cleaner detergent . Biocidal type 2 and 4yes no no
MASQUOVERT GRENADEVery powerfull air-freshener. An ultra-concentrated solution fragance breeze noyes no
PINEMUL VERTPowerful deodorant and cleanser. Grease remover, purifier. Environmental-friendly. 100 % Plant origine. noyes no
RAMAJ GELPowerful degreaser and cleaner for heavy duty farm applications. Covers surfaces in a thick layer of sticky foam. noyes no
RMH 2Eliminates red mites . To be mixed with feed . 100% natural product no noyes
SOLVERT VEGETALSolvent for industrial cleaning and degreasing. 100% plant origin - No VOC. No security labellingyesyesyes
TERIX 217New generation equipment cleaner. Descaler and red stain remover. Chlorine-free. noyes no
TERIX NM WOODHigh performance wood cask cleaner . Descaling - Sequestrating . Non-foaming unchlorinated bleacher noyes no

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