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Green Absorb Pack

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Our speciality Green Absorb Pack is intended to bring you a quick, economic and environmental resolution in your problems of accidental deflections of pollutants on soil.

GREEN ABSORB, the solution to recover the spills.

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green absorb ecological spills recovery green absorb ecological spills recovery


Ecological absorbent
Special hydrocarbon
To be used with Green Absorb Box.

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  • Very economical : Reusable until saturation and application system avoiding spilling.
  • Absorbs 8 times more than saw dust and traditional granulated.
  • All the absorbed product will stay inside Green Absorb particles.
  • Efficient on all kind of surfaces : paint, resin, concrete...
  • Fireproof. Can be burned with an ash ration inferior to 3%.
  • Drying absorbent for all spills of oil and hydrocarbons. Helps reduce waste and retreatment costs by its high absorption capacity and its low density. Eliminates film of grease liable to make floors slippery.


System to use our absorbent GREEN ABSORB
Easily recovers oil spills

Product informations Download our specification
  • All in one system : stores, dispenses and recycle our GREEN ABSORB.
  • Time-saving : only one equipement including all you need for the cleaning operation.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Very economical : thanks to the shifter, the absorbent is used until 100% saturation.
  • Mobile unit for spillage problems enabling dirty absorbent to be separated from re-usable absorbent.
  • To operate correctly, this economiser needs to be used with GREEN ABSORB (a drying absorbent for oil and oil-based products). It will not work with a different absorbent.

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