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Under this logo, we introduce you our products based on 100% vegetable origin raw materials,

These formulations are therefore a guarantee to use natural and renewable raw materials.

Only perfumes in these formulations are not all of plant origin. In effect, perfumes of natural origin are either allergenic or badly known at the level of risk.

Perfumes used in products benefiting from the logo Végépur are out of allergen component.

Integrating perfectly with the notion of sustainable development, Végépur products are fully integrated in our GreenChoice range.


All you need to go green !

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sustainable devlopment natural product raw material plant origin product sustainable devlopment natural product raw material plant origin product


Super vegetable-based liquid tar remover
Man and environmental friendly

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  • Powerful tar remover
  • Made on vegetable biomass base, it forms an ecological alternative.
  • Not classified as a toxin: Man-friendly
  • High flash point
  • As efficient as oil-solvent based products.
  • Pleasant smell
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used in transport as a salting-out agent
  • Contains no emulsifiers and its phases separate in oil separators
  • For removing tar on vehicle bodies, etc.
  • For cleaning all parts and equipment soiled by asphalt.
  • For haulage companies, vehicle renovators, industry, road works...


Ecological absorbent
Special hydrocarbon
To be used with Green Absorb Box.

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  • Very economical : Reusable until saturation and application system avoiding spilling.
  • Absorbs 8 times more than saw dust and traditional granulated.
  • All the absorbed product will stay inside Green Absorb particles.
  • Efficient on all kind of surfaces : paint, resin, concrete...
  • Fireproof. Can be burned with an ash ration inferior to 3%.
  • Drying absorbent for all spills of oil and hydrocarbons. Helps reduce waste and retreatment costs by its high absorption capacity and its low density. Eliminates film of grease liable to make floors slippery.


Eliminates red mites
To be mixed with feed
100% natural product

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  • RMH 2 is a 100% natural product against red mites (Dermanyssus Gallinae).
  • Very easy to use
  • Results visible from 3 weeks only. Red mites usually disappear after 6 weeks.
  • Moreover RMH 2 contributes to:
    • improve hen vitality
    • Improve your farm productivity.


Solvent for industrial cleaning and degreasing
100% plant origin - No VOC
No security labelling

Product informations Download our specification
  • Solvent containing no VOC (volatile organic components) in compliance with the European directive 1999/13/EC on emissions.
  • 100% vegetable, In keeping with sustainable development principles.
  • Operator friendly: No harmful product label
  • Not concerned by decree n° 2002-680 dated April 30th 2002, heading n° 2564.
  • Contains no hydrocarbon chlorides, or fluorocarbon solvents.
  • Wide spectre degreasing solvent: Extremely efficient on heavy organic and mineral dirt (grease, tar, glue, putties, polymers, etc.).
  • Odourless
  • Excellent stability when stored and fluidity when cold.
  • Everywhere where degreasing is impossible using aqueous solutions
  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing solvent.
  • Mechanics degreasing in garages, maintenance and technical services, etc.
  • Can also be used in ultrasonics.
  • Ideal when hot (up to 75°C) and continuously stirred for eliminating blown oil, waxes, polar greases, etc.

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