Hygiene for farms




Thanks to our 55-year experience in formulation chemistry,

We offer to our 10 000 worldwide customers competitive ranges of more than 200 specialities : disinfectant, drinking water disinfectant, cleaner, hygiene products, teat dip, drying litter, dietary products, bolus, hoof care, ....

These products are mainly dedicated mainly to hygiene and cleaning in industrial breeding farms, food processing industry and green houses.

We also offer a wide range of products for industry, vehicle cleaning....


In order to adapt continuously to customers' needs and law changes, LABORATOIRES CEETAL can rely on important R&D resources as well as powerful production tools in order to deliver customers as fast as possible anywhere on the globe.

Since 1996, our quality system is certified ISO 9001. Certification has been renewed according to version 2015.

SInce January 2004, the company got certified ISO 14001 as a reward to its environment-friendly oriented policy.

All of this gives CEETAL the means to propose to customers and partners a true logistics of service combining flexibility and reactivity.

Active in more than 50 countries, we make everything possible to guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

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