Hygiene for farms

Production - R&D

Production unit for our disinfectant, cleaner and teat dip product for breeding farms

Our production unit, covering more than 13 000 square meters, delivers more than 10 000 customers worldwide.

Those tools are constantly reinforced and allow us to adapt our offer to the technical, legislative and human changing environment.

A total demanding level in term of safety and respect of the environment.

Equiped with the latest technology, our production capacities allow us to quickly dispatch our customers orders. Tanks for disinfectant ans teat dip products

We implemented a complete traceability system of our products from the incoming raw materials to the finished products.

Each packaging is bar-coded with a batch number identifying all various production and inspection stages.

 Pipes for disinfectant ans teat dip products
Each batch is carefully analyzed and a reference sample is kept for the recommended shelf life plus 6 months.  Filling machines for disinfectant and teat dips




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