Hygiene for farms

Sustainable development

Our quality and environmental policy


Since 1962, we conceive, produce and market chemical solutions for the disinfection, the deodorization, the hygiene, the cleaning, the maintenance and the technical maintenance, in occupational environment.


Our action is guided by 2 strategic axes:
1) To assert the identity of Laboratories CEETAL
We decline our values: Perpetuity - Loyalty - Sustainable development, around our range Ecochoice for our customers and, around a sustainable training for our employees.
2) To develop harmoniously Laboratories CEETAL around our various markets.

For our future in all, I wish that each, at the level, salesman or office staff, is conscious of our stakes: the satisfaction of our customers, the protection of environment and the safety of all, through the regulations, the risk prevention and the improvement continues of our performances.
This commitment became a reality in 1996 with our first certification ISO 9001, then in 2004 with our environmental certification ISO 14001.

In this frame, Nathalie Marquet, person in charge of the Quality management system - Safety- Environment - Sustainable development is in charge of watching the respect and with care of the actions and over organized rules.

Saint- Etienne Jean-Claude VIDAL
July 2010 Managing Director



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